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Breaking Boundaries: Introducing Bedrock Support to Our Java Minecraft Server!

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Hey there, fellow adventurers!

We're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking update to our Java Minecraft server: Bedrock support is now live! 🎉 That's right, we've torn down the barriers between platforms to unite players from both Java and Bedrock editions in one epic gaming experience.

We've always believed that Minecraft is at its best when friends can explore, create, and conquer together, regardless of their preferred edition. With this new update, we're making that dream a reality. Whether you're a seasoned veteran building intricate redstone contraptions in Java or a newcomer crafting your first wooden pickaxe in Bedrock, everyone is welcome to join the fun.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, now you can invite all your friends, no matter what device they're playing on, to join you on our server. Dive into thrilling adventures, embark on ambitious building projects, or engage in epic PvP battles—all while surrounded by a diverse community of players.

But wait, there's more! With Bedrock support, you'll also gain access to a whole new world of possibilities. Take advantage of features unique to the Bedrock edition, such as cross-platform play and marketplace content, to enhance your Minecraft experience like never before.

Ready to join the adventure? Connecting is easy! Simply fire up your Minecraft client, select our server from the list, and dive into the action. Whether you're on PC, console, or mobile, the adventure awaits.

We're incredibly excited to embark on this new chapter with you. Together, let's continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of Minecraft.

See you in-game!

Closet Craft Team

Posted on June 9, 2024 by towerism