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General Commands

  • /sethome <name>: Establishes your home at your current location.
  • /delhome <name>: Deletes the specified home.
  • /home <name>: Teleports you to the designated home.
  • /homes: Displays a list of all your homes.
  • /ignore <player>: Ignores the specified player, hiding their chat messages. Use again to un-ignore them.
  • /rtp: Opens the random teleportation menu, allowing you to choose a world for random teleportation.
  • /tpa <player>: Sends a teleport request to the specified player to teleport to their location.
  • /tpahere <player>: Sends a request to the specified player to teleport to your location.
  • /tpa cancel: Cancels your outgoing teleport request.
  • /tpaccept: Accepts a pending teleport request.
  • /warps: Lists all available server warps.
  • /warp <warp>: Teleports you to the specified warp.
  • /realname <player>: Reveals the actual username of a player if they are using a nickname.
  • /tptoggle: Toggles the ability for players to send you teleport requests.
  • /cosmetics: Opens your cosmetics inventory.
  • /coinshop: Opens the coin shop for purchasing cosmetics or convenience items (commands, permissions, etc.).
  • /levels: Opens the levels menu to level up on the server.
  • /kits: Opens the menu to view available kits.
  • /kit <name>: Claims a specific kit.
  • /toolskins: Opens the menu to use your toolskins.
  • /factories: Opens the factories menu to manage your factories and research agenda.
  • /rewards: Opens the rewards menu to claim hourly, daily, and weekly rewards.
  • /tags: View or update your player tag.

Claiming Commands

  • /abandonclaim: Removes the claim you are standing in.
  • /abandonallclaims: Removes all of your claims.
  • /subdivideclaim: Activates subdivide mode, allowing you to create claims within your current claims with different permissions.
  • /extendclaim <amount>: Extends your claim in the direction you are facing by the specified amount.
  • /accesstrust <player/all>: Grants a player access to buttons and levers in your claim.
  • /containertrust <player/all>: Grants a player access to containers in your claim.
  • /permissiontrust <player/all>: Grants a player the ability to give others trust permissions.
  • /trust <player/all>: Grants a player the ability to build, break, and interact with containers and mobs in your claim.
  • /untrust <player/all>: Revokes all trust permissions for a specific player in your claim.
  • /trustlist: Displays the list of trusted players in your current claim.
  • /claimlist: Lists all your land claims and their locations.

Economy Commands

  • /bal: Displays your current balance.
  • /bal <player>: Displays the balance of the specified player.
  • /pay <player> <amount>: Sends money to the specified player.
  • /ah: Opens the auction house.
  • /ah sell <price>: Lists the held item for sale at the specified price.
  • /jobs: Opens the jobs menu to switch jobs.
  • /quests: Displays the quests menu.
  • /shop: Opens the server shop.

Player Warp Commands

  • /pw: Opens the player warps browser.
  • /pw <warp>: Teleports to the specified player warp.
  • /pw set <warp>: Creates a player warp at your location, costing $1k initially and $1k weekly.
  • /pw desc set/remove <warp> <description>: Sets or removes the description for a specified warp.
  • /pw category <warp> <category>: Sets the category for your warp.
  • /pw icon set/remove <warp>: Sets your held item as the warp icon or removes it.
  • /pw reset <warp>: Resets your warp’s location to your current position.
  • /pw rename <warp> <name>: Renames your warp.
  • /pw ban set/remove/list <warp> <player>: Bans, unbans, or lists banned players for the specified warp.
  • /pw setowner set/accept/cancel <warp> <player>: Transfers the ownership of a warp to another player.
  • /pw rate <warp> <rating>: Rates another player’s warp (1 to 5).
  • /pw remove <warp>: Completely removes the specified warp, along with all visits and statistics.
  • /pw favourite <warp>: Adds the warp to your favorites list.
  • /pw lock <warp>: Locks or unlocks your warp for public access.